3.1 The GSC shall be provided an annual budget allocation of $500.00 USD from the CSS Executive Board. The budget shall be used for the purposes of providing professional development programming aimed at supporting current comics studies projects and the future careers of GSC members.

3.2 The GSC Budget is subject to annual review by the CSS Executive Board (initiated at their discretion). At this time, all documentation requested must be provided to the CSS Executive. The results of this review will inform decisions on renewal or revocation of the annual budget.

3.3 It is the responsibility of the GSC, in coordination with the CSS Treasurer, to maintain accurate financial bookkeeping and records. The Secretary/Treasurer assumes the responsibility of keeping track of on-going available GSC funds (from year-to-year), as well as maintaining financial records such as receipts from purchases.

3.4 Moneys raised through fundraising efforts (merchandise, promotions, etc.) belong to the GSC, but will be held in the CSS central organization account until withdrawal by the GSC is requested. These funds will be tracked by the GSC Secretary/Treasurer alongside the annual budget.