A membership to the Comics Studies Society (CSS) is required for membership in the Graduate Student Caucus (GSC).

An annual Membership to CSS is also an annual subscription to Inks: the Journal of the Comics Studies Society. During the calendar-year membership/subscription, CSS members will receive:

Three issues of Inks: the Journal of the Comics Studies Society.

  • Newsletters from CSS.
  • Access to the Annual CSS conference.
  • An invitation to join a members-only CSS google group.
  • Vote for members of its Executive Committee and any changes to bylaws


Membership Rates (online/print)

  • Students$42/$43.50
  • Independent Scholars, Contingent Faculty, Cartoonists/Comics Professionals, Emeritus Faculty$52/$53.50
  • Tenure-Line Faculty, Administrators, Librarians, or Curators$84/$86.50
  • Institutions$214

*Membership Rates are for 1-Year*

To subscribe to membership, click here!