The purpose of the GSC is to provide support to its members, which include currently

enrolled graduate students, newly admitted graduate students, graduate students between

programs (4.1), and scholars engaged in postdoctoral research. The GSC will assess the

needs/interests of its members and will provide fellowship, professional programming,

and advocacy for such individuals as they pursue their work in comics studies.

Specifically, the GSC aims to:

– Determine and assess the needs of GSC members doing comics research.

– Create spaces that allow GSC members to network with one another.

– Integrate GSC members into the community of international comics scholars.

– Mentor GSC members preparing for the job market, with specific regard to their

comics studies specialization by organizing professionalization workshops.

– Connect GSC members with potential outside committee members or readers for

thesis and dissertation projects.

– Assist GSC members instructors in integrating comics into the classroom.

– Recognize the outstanding efforts of GSC members working in the field through

prizes for outstanding student work.

– Facilitate regional graduate conferences in comics studies, organized and

implemented by GSC members with CSS support (when required).

– Run a GSC member-centered column or page in our online presence, continually

updated with reflections and news.

– Recruit GSC members outside of the humanities and social sciences.

– Provide support for undergraduate students looking to enter the field.